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We are Pro Dog
-- We believe that every dog, no matter the breed, no matter the circumstance, deserves to have the best chance at a happy life. We believe a happy dog life includes structure, balance, proper socialization with other dogs, lots of walking exercise, and lots of affection given at the right times to encourage a happy dog mind and good behavior.

We are Pro Dog-Owner -- We believe that every dog owner deserves to have a dog that is an ambassador to others, a shining example of good social interaction and discipline while out and about downtown. We believe every dog owner deserves to walk their dog without worry & stress about what dogs or situations they may encounter, knowing they have worked closely with their dog to behave well in any situation. We believe dog owners deserve to have a home they are in charge of and that whatever rules they wish to have in place are possible. Every dog owner has within them the ability to be a great dog owner.

We are Not for Everyone -- When you hire Walk Fido, we join forces with you and develop a plan together for your fido. We are partners in solving whatever issues you may be having or simply in making sure your fido is as happy as they can be. We only partner with clients who are just as committed to their dog's happiness as we are. Together, we can do incredible things. If you'd rather not worry about behavior and simply want someone to take your dog out for a potty walk, there are many other services that might be better suited for you.



Let's do this!

-- Find out what services we offer to see what best suits you and your fido's needs depending on your work and vacation schedule.

-- Take a look at our rates for the services you're interested in. Note we offer discounts for more regular walking and for multiple dogs in a household.

-- Still have questions about why it's so important to walk your dog and what it's like to work with Walk Fido? Review our frequently asked questions to learn more.

-- We share tons of great dog news, rescue stories, training tips and more on our Walk Fido blog.

-- The best way to partner together to ensure your fido is a happy one is to give us a call. We provide a free initial consultation, so contact us today to get started.
















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